Art Statement

My Art/’s physical characteristics reflect the intimate way it was conceived. Each page of my sketchbook gives birth, through a combination of materials like paper, graphite, charcoal, gesso and oil paint, to a mental imagery with spontaneous flow.

Each page is a type of rediscovery of the self as a conscious being yet unaware of the disorder of our priorities. I make arrangements from the collective recognition of order and chaos.

My compositions are a reflective research of what makes us see further into ourselves. The characters I create expose a physical trait through a visual or sensory trip to what is outside the known. At a time of extreme intercommunication I feel a crisis in the individual as an organism losing touch with the transcendent. The pages of my sketchbook offer a compensatory adjustment to the limitations of our awareness.

I am discovering a technique which at first glance might be confused with the known, since we are bombarded with historical and new technological forms to represent the visual world. I sense what calls my attention and translate it back onto the pages of my sketchbook, establishing what is actually given to the viewer. My tools respond to my internal and natural codes of boundaries as line, light or its absence as volume, and the material characteristics as color.