Beyond Realism, where the real meets the concept

A review by Robert Gil, Oxenberg Fine Art

Possibly one of the best art exhibitions that I've seen in recent months is presently on view at the Oxenberg Fine Art gallery in Wynwood... for a few more weeks only. Artist Cesar Santos has achieved a coup with his amazing artistic palette, masterful brush strokes, whimsical winks at the viewers and a blissful acknowledgement towards dozens of old masters.

Entitled Beyond Realism, Where the Real Meets the Concept, is Santos way of telling the world that he is well on his way to becoming a "new" old master himself. But Santos also understands the importance of being humble and comical, as shown in his small scale work entitled Picasso's Blue Period which pays homage to well-known womanizer, Pablo P., in an unforgettable feminine way. You'll need to see it up close and personal. Really.

His paintings are exceptional and memorable. Nineteen oil paintings on linen and every one is a museum quality work of art. Take for instance his Three Graces, which exposes three young modern-day, stylish babes standing in front of Matisse's study for Dance (1) or his Out of the Square nod (in appreciation, bien sur) to Piet Mondrian's wallpaper, prints and posters series.

I'm in love with this exhibition and if you enjoy fine art, you will be too.